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Fancy a curry? Go traditional!

It’s easy to fall into old habits when it comes to ordering an Indian takeaway. Each person has their usual curry, you share a portion of rice between two and maybe try a spoonful of each other’s sauce if you’re both in a generous mood. But Indian menus are long and complicated for a reason Read More >

5 Outrageous Curry Mashups

Sometimes nothing beats a spicy, creamy curry accompanied by a steaming side of rice and a stuffed naan, just the way an Indian should be served. And preferably from one of the UK’s favourite curry houses. As National Curry Week gets underway, we’re sure to be seeing the best of the best of British Curry Read More >

The Best Curry Quenchers

It’s the time of year when curry is not only my go-to takeaway, it sort of becomes my raison d’etre. The cooler weather makes me long for a bit of heat, and there is no better way to hot up than with a spicy Indian takeaway. Wherever you end up on the curry spice scale, Read More >

The Hottest Curry in the World

Toughness is a relative term. If you think you’re tough enough to try some super hot and spicy curries that have burnt the tastebuds and watered the eyes of everyone who was brave (or foolish?) enough to attempt them Don’t get these super hot curries confused with your local Indian restaurant’s superb top-rated curries that Read More >

Plenty of Reasons to Eat Curry

Here at hungryhouse we’re a ravenous bunch, and we’re not afraid to admit it. But nothing gets us drooling as much as the thought of a hot, spicy curry with poppadom’s and pilaf rice. And we’re not alone in our obsession. In fact, Britain is curry crazy – as in 18 tonnes of chicken tikka Read More >