The UK’s Best Curry
Guide to the nation’s favourite curry houses

The Best Curry Houses in Bristol

When you ask Bristolians where they most enjoy ordering their favourite Indian takeaway from, they all know a place that makes the best samosas, the creamiest butter chicken and the hottest vindaloo. Savour the tasty dishes of India backed up by loyal customers who keep going back to the best curry houses in Bristol.

Online Curry

Unit 304 Central Park, Hengrove Bristol BS14 9BZ

Most ordered dish: Lamb Madras
House speciality: King Prawn Shaktora – king prawns cooked with spices and a bangladeshi citrus fruit which has a very distinctive taste.

If you are looking for something different to try this evening, Bristol’s Online Curry is the place to find it. Specialists in king prawn curries and exquisite baltis, you won’t be let down by this favourite curry house.

What customers say: ‘The food was amazing! Never in my life have I tasted Indian cuisine like this.’ Omar from BS13

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rogan josh curry

Royal Curry Inn
295 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood Bristol BS15 1AP

Most ordered dish: Chicken Korma
House speciality: Golden Shashlik Curry – scrumptiously cooked with grilled tomatoes, capsicum and onion in a special thick sauce.

Royal Curry Inn specialise in an impressive selection of chef’s specials for locals to try. From the tender shashlik curry and the chicken mumbai bahar, to the mouthwateringhoney seekh kebab, no wonder its one of our Top Takeaways as well as one of Bristol favourite curry houses. They’re also known to include little gifts to loyal customers, so keep an eye out!

What customers say: ‘Excellent. Best curry for months. Will be back (lots).’ Steven from BS16

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New Rajasthan Royal
122 Rodway Road, Patchway Bristol BS34 5PG

Most ordered dish: Chicken Tikka Masala
House speciality: Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken – cooked with slices of garlic and fresh green chillies in a hot sauce.

As the name proudly suggests, the New Rajasthan Royal does not come short of Rajasthani house specialities. They offer traditional Indian pickle curries such as spicy achari chicken, and saucy, medium-hot jeera prawn. They have  a house specials menu as long as your arm!

What customers say: ‘Great food, great service every time, can’t fault it’ Julie from BS34

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